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Protecting Privacy


Gott's prioritizes your online privacy. We do not collect any identifiable information about any visitors to, and are fully-compliant with GDPR, PECR, and CCPA/CPRA legislation.

Online Visitors

To help us understand how visitors use, and how we can improve it, we use Simple Analytics. This software gives us insight about our visitors only in general, and not about individuals per se, as it does not store any personally identifiable information. Read their documentation to find out what Simple Analytics collects (and most importantly what they don't).


Cookies are small data files transferred to your device by a website. On we use cookies only to record whether you have seen a popup message (which we occasionally use to communicate especially important information), so that you won't be interrupted by popups on subsequent visits. We do not use cookies to track or record any other data about you or your actions on

Most browsers are designed to accept cookies, but they can be easily modified to block cookies; see your browser's help files for details on how to block cookies, how to know when you have received cookies, and how to disable cookies completely.


Our Careers page integrates a third-party provider, PayCom, to streamline our job-application process. PayCom will send cookies to your computer if you interact with their service - by, say, filling out a job application form. PayCom's cookies and other data collected are neither controlled by nor accessible to PayCom's privacy policy can be found here.

Similarly, our Order Food link presents an ordering interface provided by our Point of Sale partner, Toast. They also set cookies and collect data, to which has no access. Toast's privacy policy is here.

Email addresses

Separately, when you place an order, our Point of Sale partner, Toast, may require your email address or mobile telephone number. This is essential, so that you can receive a receipt and/or order updates. Toast later shares these email addresses and telephone numbers with Gott's Roadside. Both Gott's and Toast protect personally identifying information in accordance with CCPA/CPRA, and other relevant legislation. Gott's Roadside will never sell or share these emails or telephone numbers, or any other personally identifying information we may have, to any other business entity.

Gott's will use your email address, collected as part of a sales transaction, or through, to send you occasional updates about (for instance) upcoming food specials, special events, or closures and trading hours changes at your most-frequented Gott's location(s).

If you prefer not to receive these messages, you can 1.) Give us your telephone number, instead of your email address. Gott's will never use your telephone number to send you any messages apart from those relating to an order you have just placed. 2.) Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email that we send you. 3.) Send us a message to request that your email address be removed from our mailing list. Once you have unsubscribed from our mailing list Gott's will never contact you by email again, apart from messages relating to an order you have just placed.