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GreenLeaf was founded in 1976, at a time when small farms in the greater Bay Area were finding it difficult to get their produce to restaurants and hotels in San Francisco. Seeing an opportunity, Jameson Patton and Steve Walton opened GreenLeaf Produce. GreenLeaf consolidated produce from various farmers at one location before distributing it.

In 1993, Bill Wilkinson, who had a background running hotels in California, took over ownership of GreenLeaf, and further grew the company by expanding distribution and introducing specialty produce items to the San Francisco restaurant industry.

Today, GreenLeaf is one of the Bay Area’s premier purveyors of exceptional local produce and specialty goods. They have relationships with over 500 local growers and are always looking for new products to offer customers, while continuing to emphasize the excellence, sustainability and value that buying local provides. We count on Greenleaf for all our produce needs—our salads wouldn’t be the same without them.

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