Serving The California Roadside Since 1999



Osprey Seafood was started in 1977 when Peter Bird began shipping high quality seafood from the East Coast to San Francisco. Soon after, he started purchasing fish from local Bay Area fishermen, and by the early 1980s had established a reputation as a quality seafood purveyor.

Mike Weinberg-Lynn joined Osprey in 1983 as a driver just as Osprey was starting to serve the Napa Valley. He fell in love with the business, learned the day-to-day operations, and became passionate about seafood and the people with whom he worked. Two years later, Mike became a co-owner of Osprey, and 1989 took over as the sole owner.

Mike’s younger brother Pat joined Osprey in 2000, and together they and the Osprey team continue to pursue Osprey’s mission of the best quality seafood and finest service in the business. Our Ahi Burgers, Mahi Mahi Tacos, Fish & Chips, and Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos would not be what they are without Mike’s vast knowledge of seafood and his ability to source outstanding fish.

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