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Mary's Chicken

Mary’s Free-Range Chicken has been family owned and operated in Sanger, California by the Pitman family since 1954. Mary’s chickens are raised with plenty of room to roam, and are fed a high quality vegetable diet without animal by-products or additives. The chickens are never given antibiotics and are raised without added hormones.

Every effort is made to treat the chickens as humanely as possible, and with that end in mind, Mary’s joined the 5-step Animal Welfare Rating Standards Program with Global Animal Partnership, guaranteeing chickens access to the outdoors, ample water and shade, and enriched environments.

Mary’s chickens are air-chilled, which not only preserves the flavor of the chicken (no water is absorbed), but also saves thousands of gallons of water that are used in the more common water-chilling process and greatly reduces any potential of bacterial cross contamination. We’re proud to use Mary’s chicken for our sandwiches, salads and tenders.

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